London based, niche boutique, providing a global executive search service. In numbers...

4 Continents

Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America

19 Countries

UK, Germany, UAE - Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and more

23 Years

Established in London in 2001, with a global outlook

862 Mandates

Successfully closed mandates across global financial markets

Our Expertise

Venture Capital
Equity Capital Markets
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Origination & Deal Sourcing
Debt Capital Markets
Equity Long Only
Private Credit
Mergers & Acquisitions
Fixed Income / Sukuk
Leveraged Buy Out (LBO)
Hedge Funds / Fund of Funds
Structured Products
Infrastructure & Back Office (HRD, CFO, Risk, Ops)
World - No Background

Global Reach

Financial Hubs & Emerging Markets

Successfully Closed Mandates in...


London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich, Jersey, Guernsey


Middle East (MENA & GCC)
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha, Kuwait City, Manama, Muscat, Cairo


Astana, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur


Rest of the World
New York, Chicago, Toronto, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands